Anger – You can manage it

You have learned through the holy scriptures saying “Never Kill”, but I will tell you anger kill. When we get angry, no matter what the reason or cause is, it has a very drastic effect in our body, physically as well as mentally. Getting angry is just like the eruption of a volcano. Anger is… Continue reading Anger – You can manage it

Discover your inner values.

           Inner values are our identity, our needs for safety and security, our real self (real me). Inner values add sense, meaning and purpose to our lives and act as guidelines and principles to follow and live a better life.

Understand Human Values

Human values is the key to success as well as acts as a guide for a better living. We are born with those values. They are our inner treasures. The common example of  a human value  is: Honesty. Honesty is the best policy of  mankind. Looking at a child, you will see the value… Continue reading Understand Human Values