Meditation – Realize Yourself


Meditation is an inner journey, part of our inner realization where we discover our inner self.

Effect of living in the modern and material world

In this today modern world, the pace of life is growing so fast that we are losing touch with our inner peace and power.

As a result we experience push and pull in  different directions. At this stage we start experiencing  stress and a feeling of being trapped.

Gradually and overtime, this leads to physical and mental illnesses and diseases, and we lose our balance.

Imitating and Meditating

Meditation is when it happens by itself, we cannot do meditation.

  • Take as for example, we are dancing. At this moment we forget the time, the place, the people and everything around us. This is a state of meditation. It happens, but we cannot do it.
  • That we call meditation is imitation, we sit by crossing our legs, straighten our spines, chant mantras. All this is, imitating the posture of a yogi.

We are not yogis, we are doing this posture to imitate that stage. If meditation happens, it’s a blessing.

What happens during meditation.

  • Meditation is when you become timeless. You come out of those illusions of the world, where the mind becomes thoughtless.

We sit in posture as instructed by Gurus or spiritual teachers means we are preparing ourselves physically but not on the level of meditation.

  • Meditation is when you are gone with your body. Many people when sitting for meditation they close their eyes, concentrate on their breathings. Exactly what they are doing is they are trying to be with their body.

Once you become one with your body, you are in a stage of meditation because times disappear. Times come only when you are not with your body and start pushing and pulling you in different direction.

  • Meditation helps bring you to a stage of quiet reflection and silence, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Mediation shifts you from one consciousness to another……from the limited, world one called” body consciousness”, to a more expanded, spiritual known as “souls consciousness”.


How to meditate properly






The best way to meditate is to concentrate with your breathing. Breathe in until you reach the level you want to breathe out. You will feel your breath is turning upward  like an u-turn and asking you to breathe out.

It is different for everybody. For somebody, turning out point can be at chest level and others at abdominal level, pelvis level or lower down. So when your breath turns, you come out with your breathing, which means you exhale. (Himalayan Rishi)

I have attached a link below about a guided meditation  video by one of the sister from the Bramah Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre, India. Hope this will benefit you all.


Meditation is a valuable tool in reducing stress, gaining deeper sense of fulfilment as well as  foster physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. (Umesh Bhatia, Meditator)

  • It is recognized, that the practice of meditation, contributes to a more positive, healthy lifestyle.
  • Meditation can be practised by all backgrounds, anywhere and any anytime
  • Practising meditation in a genuine way, using proper discipline, always free ourselves from any physical and emotional disorders or condition to a large extent.

Meditation is not just an experience of peace, but a deep realization that I am peace.






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