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Human values is the key to success as well as acts as a guide for a better living.

We are born with those values. They are our inner treasures.


The common example of  a human value  is:

  1. Honesty. Honesty is the best policy of  mankind. Looking at a child, you will see the value in him or her. Nobody has taught  the child to be honest before taking birth. The child has taken birth with these values. Children never lie, because they don’t know how to lie. But as we grow up, we get so much engross with the outside world and  start losing all our human values.
  2. Another example is Peace. We are born peaceful. As we grow up, we get too much engross with material or outside world that we forget all our inner beauties and values which remain hidden in our inner world.


We are born with those inner qualities. We lose them during the process of growing which need to be discovered again as well as sustain and practice them for change to  a better life. Human values have nothing to do with hereditary, genetics, environment as well as religions, backgrounds, wealth etc.

It is very important, that we engage our inner qualities, in our daily life and express them to the outer world and bring a continuous transformation in the society. How to live with our inner values – very easy- integrate our inner thought, awareness, attitude and feeling with our outer expression. This is a way to empower our inner values, which is very beneficial even in the most challenging situations.

Internally, we have all treasures. If we reflect deeply, this will allow us to experience and touch the inner part of ourselves and as a result this will give us the inner strength and resilience to live by our values in all situations, good and bad. Living with our values make us realize our true identity as a human being.

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