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What is spirituality?

Spirituality is described as the quality of being more -concerned and conscious- about you as a human being- a human spirit in a natural world -than you as a human body- engrossed in the material world. To understand the basis of good spiritual education, we need to know who we are. We need to know we are spiritual being, distinct from the body; that when we say soul, we are talking about something completely separate from the body.

Spirituality – See Reality As It Is

  • Spirituality is the recognition of a feeling or sense of belief that there is something greater than yourself. You feel more  than being human than  sensory experience. It is more a search for meaning in life.
  • It involves us to see that there is spirit in our physical and to see our real self. To make this possible, we need to free our-self from focusing on the dimension of reality that come through our physical sense.
  • It is the belief of  innate goodness of people, it is natural to each one of us irrespective of where we are from and who we believe in. A spiritual person always conscious about being good in his or hers surroundings.
  • It also helps us to realize our true nature and how to integrate our daily life in that truth.

Effects of non-spiritual on physical sense

Focus on physical sense is so deep and so strong that it  circles our consciousness completely, and consequently  we take it to be reality.

  • The simplest and most common example is material. We have this perspective that if we have material success we shall be happy forever, and we keep holding to this perspective. But this  material dimension is not the whole truth about us, and  this is the reason  why we are bound to be unhappy.
  • Another common example is physical body. We sometime has this perspective that if we look in certain way we shall be happy. This is not reality, we need to be our self.

Effects of Spirituality

Every person has a sense of spirituality in himself or herself. We  just have to discover, explore and experience the feeling of it.

  1. Spiritual knowledge raise your awareness of negativity and positivity, which one to avoid and which one to accept and practice.
  2. It also helps you to grow as you learn, as for example how to love and care for yourself, express compassion for others, interest in natural and human world.
  3.  In additional to that, it gives you a sense of peace, wholeness and balance mentally, socially, physically and emotionally.
  4. It helps you to open yourself, help you to live with hope, confidence, meaning,  purpose and inner peace in the middle of any circumstance good or bad.


Spiritual awareness helps us to practice positive thinking and reject or avoid negative and wasteful thoughts.

It makes us respond to situations rather than reacting and as a result we experience harmony, peace, happiness, healthy relationship, our lives change in a very positive way.


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