Women’s Values and their Greatness

There is a saying in one of the scriptures which states that only God knows the heart of a woman. Although it is verse from an ancient text, I find that it is relevant to the tomes we live in today. It is also relevant to the predisposition of women, in general, to matters of spirituality and God.
The first aspect to this is that, for a long time, some areas of have based their understanding of women on the subtle feeling that women cannot think and that a woman’intellect is not very good. This is not true, of course, but the idea was reinforced through a misinterpretation of another problem entirely.
The other problem, which has not been understood at all, is that women do not have much self-respect. Their self-respect has been lost. Because of this, the opinions of society have been imposed on women, who in turn have come to believe these, themselves. In fact, due to the lack of this one essential quality, women are easily influenced by anyone’s opinion, much of the time.

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In many areas of society, a woman’s views are not really heard. In fact, she is hardly even seen, no matter how much she tries to express herself. The feeling of this has created in a woman is that she has been deceived by everyone: husbands, children, politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even religious leaders. The result is that women have lost their trust. Their faith in others has been broken.

This is one of the reasons why a woman is often receptive to the love of God. The feeling is that God alone knows her as she really is, that He alone understands the feelings in her heart.
Also, God is known as the one who uplifts the downtrodden. Because she feels misunderstood and mistreated, a woman is predisposed to the love He offers. God’s love not only uplifts, it also validates.

God knows about a woman of greatness. A woman’s greatness or you could say, the greatness of the feminine principle-is Virtue, especially the qualities of mercy, love, and truth. God knows that for her these qualities are like possessions and if she wishes to, she can use them not just for herself or her immediate family, but for the whole world.
He knows that, if she wishes, she can be more than just the mother of her one family. She can be a mother of the world-the family of humanity. These qualities make a woman like God, the Mother/Father. Through their virtuous qualities, she is made His own.

God knows that there is nothing as important as a mother. The mother is the one who sustains the family. God knows that the mothers are the real teachers, the real gurus of the world.
And after all, is it not the mother who educates her children through her own example?

In these times of darkness and sorrow, a woman’s role is a very powerful one indeed. If she stays in her own self-respect and takes power from the Almighty Authority, she can give the message of God to all. Not only can she lead them out of this darkness, but she can lift them into the boat of Truth, and show them how to go beyond.

There are three qualities that, I believe, come quite easily to a woman. They are tolerance, real mercy, and the power of truth. These qualities serve to produce a very big, open, and generous heart: the heart of a WORLD MOTHER.
The image of the world mother is significant in today’s world. She is the one whose only desire is to help others move forward, no matter what the challenges that surround her.

I have never had the thought that this is man’s world and that we, as women, cannot succeed. However, in today’s world, true success will require constant courage and complete honesty on our part. If you ever feel afraid or discouraged, here is a secret I would like to share with you: take just one moment of silence, go within yourself and evoke your courage.
Have the faith that you do have a solution, you do have answers, you do know what must be done. Never let yourself be influenced by what others might be thinking. Being a woman, we must always remember that our life should serve as an example in front of the world. We must never waste our life on ordinary things, fill our life with unique purpose and meaning.
Become a leader who can lead through the power of truth, honesty, and purity, not a leader who leads through lots of external show.

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