Discover your inner values.


Inner values are our identity, our needs for safety and security, our real self (real me). Inner values add sense, meaning and purpose to our lives and act as guidelines and principles to follow and live a better life.

Where are the inner values hidden

We all have inner values. They are so deep-rooted in our inner world that sometime we are not aware that we have such treasures within.

Inner values also known as divine values, the highest values of humanity, the  absolute truth, absolute goodness, absolute beauty and absolute holiness.

Divine values  help shape our characters and make us into  a good human being where we  will always be loved and appreciated.

Discover your Inner Values

The question is: What are the inner treasures that are hidden in our inner world. They need to be discovered. Here are the list of all your treasures, pick them up and start practising them and bring change to your life for the better.

  1. Accuracy
  2. Appreciation
  3. Benevolence
  4. Care-free
  5. Cheerfulness
  6. Cleanliness
  7. Co-operation
  8. Courage
  9. Detachment
  10. Determination
  11. Discipline
  12. Easiness
  13. Egoless
  14. Energetic
  15. Far-sightedness
  16. Fearlessness
  17. Generosity
  18. Good wishes
  19. Honesty
  20. Humility
  21. Introversion
  22. Lightness
  23. Maturity
  24. Mercy
  25. Obedience
  26. Orderliness
  27. Patience
  28. Politeness
  29. Purity
  30. Royalty
  31. Self-confidence
  32. Simplicity
  33. Sweetness
  34. Contentment
  35. Tirelessness
  36. Tolerance
  • You don’t need to practice them all together in one go, try one by one at a time, they are all link to one another. Once you start practising, they will come automatically because they are already rooted inside you. Grab one value, discover, explore,  expose it for the world to benefit.
  • We can teach others, human values only when we practice them, just as the saying “charity begins at home”. You cannot change anybody, but you can change yourself, seeing you change for a better life, others will follow and will change.

If you have anything to share, you are most welcomed and if you have any question, I am happier to help you out, just leave your comments below. Keep visiting my website because I keep updating with new ideas.

Good Luck



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