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You have learned through the holy scriptures saying “Never Kill”, but I will tell you anger kill. When we get angry, no matter what the reason or cause is, it has a very drastic effect in our body, physically as well as mentally. Getting angry is just like the eruption of a volcano.

Anger is a very negative emotion, it binds the eyes and shuts the brain, and at the end, all it brings is pain

“How can there be peace on earth,

when the heart of men is like a volcano”,

said by one of the famous sage.

We can live peacefully and harmoniously only when we can free ourselves from anger.

Anger cannot change anything rather than making thing worst. We need to realize that we get a choice to look at what makes us angry and avoid them for our  own good.

Why we get angry, because we allow it to happen. Anger is how we respond to either event or somebody and react inappropriately. We cannot control people, situations or circumstances, but we can control ourselves and control the way we respond to. Self transformation brings world transformation.

We are living in a world  where we meet different type of people on a daily basis. Some will criticize us, some will be back-bitter whereas some others will challenge us. This is completely out of our control, but we need to  pay attention to our goodness instead of  justifying their negative actions.

Choices made in anger cannot be undone. Kill your anger before it kills you.

How to manage our anger, here are some tips.

  • We need to increase our capacity to tolerate. Furthermore, we need to develop the ability to understand. This world is like a big drama and within this drama, everyone has a unique role to play. Once we understand,  and accept, we need to play our part to the best of our ability instead of keeping eye on others’ behaviour.
  • Not only that, but we need to nurture our love for others irrespective of how they are, good or bad and regardless they praise me or defame me.
  • We need to focus our energy on our own actions rather than trying to control or possess others’ behaviour. Controlling others’ behaviour leads to great conflict and give space for anger to rise.
  • We need to avoid being judgemental and  look at people with the label of their mistake, if not we will  start feeling some sense of anger towards them as well as  hate or dislikes precipitate in between. But on the contrary, if we allow the person, the dignity to grow out of their own mistake, sooner or later there will be the possibility for those people to change.
  • Believe in the goodness of people as well as in our own goodness. To be good and kind to others is very easy. Have we ever ask this question to us (Am I doing good to myself)?- Am I not getting angry to myself?- Do not forget, charity begins at home. We need to practice both on the same level. We need to practice of not getting angry with others as well as to ourselves.
  • Many of us, use anger as a self- defence mechanism. When people try to attack in what you believe in, we use anger to chase them away. But if recognize ourselves as spiritual beings with the beauty of our true nature, filled with human values, we can eliminate the need for anger.
  •  Try to change the form, rather than getting angry to someone to prove a point- be assertive- give respect to yourself and to others. This is possible through the daily practice of spiritual principles (human values) and apply them to our practical life, which will become natural within us.
  • Controlling your anger is a step away from danger. Don’t let your emotion make your decisions, always subjects it to reasoning.
  • Before you act out of anger, think of the consequence, never do things you will regret later.
  • People will always offend you, angry you, provoke you. But never let them control you. Their actions shouldn’t determine your action.
  • One of the remedy of anger is delay. Take a moment, breathe in deeply, before you give a response. Don’t act until you are thinking straight.
  • Gautam Buddha – You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.


The best way to conquer anger is through the process of meditation, make anger becomes your slave, and you as the master.

Anger never comes alone, it is always accompanied by jealousy and hatred which we called in the spiritual teaching as “MR JHA”, All three are devils qualities, and they work hand in hand, they never separate themselves.

In addition to that,  those three negative quality will bring quite a lot of other negative qualities in you such as sadness, sorrows, anxiety, worries, stress, depression, loneliness, rejection, disrespect etc. They are all attached together  like a  magnetic network.

Anger doesn’t solve anything, it destroys everything. Always remember, whoever angers you, conquer you.





  1. “Before you act out of anger, think of the consequence, never do things you will regret later”. Unfortunately most of the time people act out of anger.

    1. Just be positive and think they are sick, because people who are sick, get angry easily. I remember once in my spiritual class one spiritual student, she was a nurse, and said to the spiritual teacher that the most stressful situation is when a doctor gets angry, it’s so disturbing to work with this kind of people. Then the teacher asked-what about the patient, did not they get angry and speak out of anger. The nurse said -but they are sick, they are ill. Then the teacher said those doctors also are sick, this is why they get angry. Anger is not a normal behaviour. You act out of anger when you are sick.

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