Humility Makes You Simple And Truthful

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Humility makes the heart honest, big, and clean. It enables us to be co-operative.

Understand Humility

  • Humility means, we neither look up on anybody nor look down on anybody. We need to look at life as it is. This will help us to navigate recklessly through our life.
  • We need to treat everyone as we treat ourselves. If you want to be successful in life just be humble. The most successful people are the humble people. A humble person always keep learning, taking examples from others.
  • There is a great deal of power in humility. Sometimes that power is useful for your own protection as well as the protection of others.
  • The power of humility allows you to see the benefit in everything, even in the insults of others. It enables you to say, “May be there is something for me to learn here, someone is saying this to me, there must be something to it”.  Even insults become learning situations, naturally. You don’t feel a need to get upset. You aren’t affected negatively. Your own self-respect works to keep you steady, no matter what the criticism coming your way.
  • Some people feel that to have humility or to be humble involves bowing down and being subservient to others. They find it very difficult to cultivate their humility. Humility means to understand the self and, through that, to understand others as well.
  • Thinking about humility is like thinking about an old friend- someone from whom you have learned a lot, someone who has taught you a great deal.
  • Developing humility has brought a lot of comfort and rest into my life, as well as into the life of others.
  • Humility as a power is based on a very elevated awareness of who you are. Such a high state of consciousness make you very coll, very peaceful and very loving. One with  humility is full of both love and respect because they are full, their only desire is to give.



How to practice Humility

  • Treat everyone as you treat yourself.  See everything  and everyone the way they are. You need to be transparent, then every dimension of life can pass through you but leaves you untouched.
  • Do what you can do, don’t do the thing which you can’t do. If you cannot do, what you can’t do is not an issue, but if you do not do what you can do, it is a disaster.
  • Maintain your self-respect:
      • Self-respect is a state of inner dignity which brings great benefit to the self. No matter what the situation, it makes everything easy and light.
      • You have to look after your self-respect so carefully, making sure you never lose it, and the basis for maintaining it is Humility.
  • Giving: Sometimes people are not to being touched by humility. They do not yet understand its power, and so they take advantage of your attitude, thinking you are weak.
      • If this is the case, then the first thing to remember is that it is your duty to help people.
      • And in this, it is important to be tireless in your giving. So one hand, never give up, never completely stop, because one day they will definitely understand, they will definitely help.
      • However, on the other hand, it is equally important to assess how worthy they are of your donation.
      • Understand the value of what you are giving is a first step, understanding the one to whom you are giving is the second.
      • If they have no value for what they are being  given, it is as though what you are giving is going to waste.
  • You need wisdom to understand these two things:
      • The value of what you are giving and the extent to which the other person is taking benefit.
        • If you are giving in full, but they are just throwing it aside, what is the point in giving to that degree?
        • Humility does not mean to waste your resources.
        • Humility means to have wisdom to understand the power of your resources and give accordingly.



If you have every virtue except the one of humility, you will be a virtuous being who is arrogant about your virtues. However, as someone who is virtuous, as well as humble, you will be an incarnation of the divine.


Real humility should never be confused with low self- esteem. My spiritual leader has shared one of her secret to us : Just as I would never seek to control anyone, neither will I allow anyone to control me.(A lifelong meditator and Raj Yogi – (Dadi  Janki)

Just as I would  never  force myself on anyone, neither  will anyone be able to force themselves on me. These are not the words of arrogance. On the contrary, they are the words of self-respect. Real humility, that is humility as a power, is another word for self- respect.

If your humility is real, then that humility will carry you, keep you on the top of everything, as if humility were like wings, both of enthusiasm for your beautiful truth.

Humility teaches you the art of flying. The destiny might be high, but with wings such as these, you will definitely succeed.


Another secret is that your ego is not going to go away just like that. In fact, it is going to follow you everywhere! – even into meditation filled with great light… You will just be sitting there when all of a sudden, this or that from your limited self will emerge, pulling you down in a second.

To come down like that means you are still open to influences of a lesser order. This is a sign of EGO.

Actually, anytime you are negatively influenced, either by internal or external sources, the root cause of it is ego. Ego is very subtle, this is why it is not easily detected. It works underground, undermining your very foundation of truth. Anything, everything, can end up inflating it: people’s comments, criticism, all sorts of circumstances and situations- anything can act as a trigger, and you are taken completely.

However, if you stay alert and pay attention to yourself, you will be able to maintain your humility regardless. You will be able to remember that whatever is happening is a test. You are being tested on your determination, to not allow anything to touch your wings.

Be careful about how you use your eye and ears. Talk to them. Tell your eyes,  ‘This is how you must see!’ and your eras, ‘This is not what you are going  to listen to!’

Maintain your self- respect by remembering that you are not going to allow ego to reach you, you are going to keep it behind you…while you just continue to fly.


The greatest virtue of all is humility. This is because humility allows you to be virtuous with others, unconditionally.

See the humility of a fruit tree. When it is in season and its branches are full of fruits, see how they bend and bow, making it easy for others to take what they have to offer. Similarly, when your character is full of virtue, then your willingness to bow and bend makes it easy for others to take all you have to offer.

A tree, whose branches start high up, will not be able to bend and bow very much. For this reason, it is difficult to take its fruits. Ego is like that. You may be holding your head up very high, but in fact, you are not offering anything of much value to anyone.

Just think about it. What would a life filled with humility be like?  And what is it like without it?


God is the Highest on High, yet He is completely humble. Even though he is the one doing everything, He hides Himself away, saying, ‘I don’t do anything.’ No matter how high we reach, we, too, must always be humble.

Cultivating Humility

In order to develop humility of self- respect, you need to understand yourself deeply and clearly. You need to understand the power of your own truth, and then, develop your character on the basis of that.

The humility of self-respect comes from knowing what you were, originally and are, eternally. In other words, it means to know yourself as a child of God. For this. Internal honesty to your highest self and to God is very important. So is patience.

Also, always think of yourself as a continual learner. Never think that you have found everything, done everything.

Never entertain negative feelings or biased ideas about people. Keep your heart very open and clean, because humility needs a good home to dwell in. At the deepest layers of your being, pure currents of your original state still exist. These currents are free from ego.

The more you meditate takes you into soul consciousness, the more you will experience this ego-free you. To experience this is to know you are coming close to God

Benefits of Humility

  • Humility makes it  easy to have relationships of love and respect with everyone.
  • In addition to that, it makes the heart open and generous.
  • It  also allows you to enjoy and understand the hearts of others.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to accept what someone else is saying,  (If you accept today what others are saying, then tomorrow they will accept whatever you say.
  • It always keeps you constantly happy and makes others happy too. A person who has humility will always say,” whatever I am, and what ever I got, it’s fine, I’m happy I’m content”.
  • A person with humility never gets angry and is also easy going and selfishless.
  • If you have humility, people come close to you, with love, and in addition humility emerges your divinity


Humility teaches us the art of living, how to maintain our self-respect, and to give respect to others. Furthermore, it makes life very beautiful. It is through humility that the heart opens to the most beautiful truth: We have a right to God’s Love

Humility make you simple and truthful.

  • The more humility you have, the greater will be your understanding of truth.
  •  Real humility results in such power of truth and inner silence, that you don’t need to say anything in words.
  • The very power of your inner state of being will make the other person realize the error of their ways.
  • Your only desire at that time is the hope that they will be touched with your humility, so that they can open and begin to enjoy their humility, too.



  1. Loga I will never forget that 365 Thought for the day calendar you bought me years ago, every day I looked forward to reading a new quote as most visitors to my office did. Sadly it got lost when I left the Day case unit and changed my role, maybe someone else felt they needed the inspiration too.
    My granddaughter Laura post quotes such as these every day and I’m forwarding the link onto her. She is going into hospital soon to have her second baby and I’m sure she will love looking at your website. Good luck in all you do Loga you are a true inspirational lady and I look forward to visiting your site regularly.

    1. Thank you so much for the positive comment, I really appreciate, very encouraging, keep visiting, I will keep updating my website.

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