Think positively – Live Happily

Positive thinking is about being an optimist, practice focussing on the good side of any situation or person. It is about avoiding negative quality and practice good qualities such as love, forgiveness, praise etc.

The Power of choice is real, we can:

  • Love rather than hate.
  • Smile rather than frown.
  • Build rather than destroy.
  • Praise rather than gossip.
  • Persevere rather than quit.
  • Heal rather than wound.
  • Give rather than grasp.
  • Act rather than delay.
  • Forgive rather than curse.
  • Pray rather than despair.






Important things to know:

  • The greatest joy is to give love and peace.
  • The greatest loss is when you lose your self-respect.
  • The greatest natural resources are your inner silence.
  • The greatest problem to overcome is fear.
  • The most prized possession is faith.
  • The most crippling cause of failure is excused.
  • The most beautiful attire is a smile.
  • The most dangerous person is a gossiper.
  • The most constructive habit is inspiring others.
  • The most destructive habit is seeing another’s defects.
  • The most powerful communication is meditation.
  • The most powerful word is I am Peaceful.




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